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Why Possession Planning is Crucial For Keeping the Public Onside

Why Possession Planning is Crucial For Keeping the Public Onside

The reality of the situation is that nobody likes to have their lives disrupted. Whether we are making a journey to work or to visit relatives, any kind of disruption is an inconvenience that we can just do without.

However, there are times when our railways have to undergo repairs or maintenance and so, disruption cannot be avoided. However, with the right possession planning team in place then they can can help to minimise any disruption and ensure that all project works go as safely & smoothly as possible.

The public relies on roads, bridges and railways and keeping them informed is how a good possession planning team manage to keep everyone on-side. Along with this, efficient possession planning is a vital aspect of the entire rail engineering works process.

Possession Planning Engineers undergo intensive training, and they strictly follow the scheduled planning process of any projects that they undertake.  Thereby minimising any disruption whilst also ensuring high safety levels. We all know that carrying out works on the railway puts everyone in a catch-22 situation. First of all, you have the public who disagree with the disruption but without the disruption, passengers will not get the service they expect. However, there is more to it than that.

Possession planning and the training that it entails ensures that the work is carried out safely, efficiently & effectively. The public are also informed well in advance of any scheduled works or disruptions to the network. Planning schedules are also put in place to ensure the safety of the public, those working on the project & to minimise any disruption whilst negating any overrun works.

A safety, transparent and realistic approach has to be applied when it comes to possession planning. There is no denying that the work has to be carried out but the public has to be kept on-side as this will make life easier for everyone. Thorough Possession Planning enables engineers to get in and do the required works as quickly as possible and demonstrates to the public just how efficient the rail industry can be.

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