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Road Closure

PPS Rail are able to provide extensive traffic planning management services across the UK’s highways and rail infrastructure.

PPS Rail can assist you in projects where the closure of a road is necessary.

If your project requires a road closure you will need to carry out some compulsory actions. These are:

  • The completion of a Highway Application This mandatory highway application form can be found on the GOV website issued by the Department for Transport.
  • The creation of a Traffic Plan This strategy document is required for all construction work to signal the right of way for traffic and pedestrians. It must also adhere to local council regulations.

When you provide us with details of your project, we will often inform you of whether a potential road closure is necessary. This will be built into your unique quote for possession planning as part of our standard planning services.

This means that you will receive an entire breakdown of the different planning elements and their associated fees without any of the hidden costs or hassle.

Managing road closure with PPS Rail

From the initial application to the setup and diversion of traffic, we can effectively manage this process on your behalf. How do we do this?

  • Create a highway application. We use in-house templates to create highway applications for both small and large-scale projects to speed up both the implementation of road closures and the progress of your rail construction project.
  • Develop a professional traffic plan. Our expert knowledge of UK councils and road closure procedures allows us to create a seamless traffic plan that avoids potential interruptions or infringement of local regulations.
  • Effectively manage and divert traffic. Throughout the period of closure, we work with strategic partners to communicate, manage and divert traffic. This not only speeds up project progress but it also ensures that your project remains compliant to public health, safety and traffic regulations.

Choose PPS Rail for seamless road closures by contacting one of our award-winning experts. Call us on 01925 813897.

For more information on Road Closure Planning, please contact a member of our Planning Team on 01925 813897.