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P6 Planning

Primavera P6 Planning is an innovative cloud-based software approach to project planning. You might already be familiar with this technology for assisting global projects, its benefits can also help small-scale projects too.

A P6 Planner is a qualified professional who can use Primavera P6 Planning software. This software is most commonly used for large, multi-tiered projects but it also has some desirable benefits for small-scale projects.

For example, the use of Primavera P6 reduces risk and accurately forecasts project activities relieving and aiding internal communication in all types of projects.

Primavera P6 is backed by some impressive clients such as the US military. In fact, the majority of the top engineering firms in the US – 375 out of 400 – use Primavera P6 as a key tool for their practices.

If the popularity of Primavera P6 software alone is not enough to convince you of its value, here are some of the key benefits:

  • Simplifying complex projects Using a software programme that manages intricate projects – whether big or small – aids teams in being able to identify how the desired outcome can be split up into achievable tasks.
  • Improving communication and collaboration If you have a project which requires several different parties, departments or skill sets to contribute, this software can assist in vital communication between teams. Executive team members can easily contact relevant individuals to check up on the progress of a task or make a request.
  • Accurate tracking and forecasting The use of technology in long-term projects gives you access to reporting, analysis and tracking of stakeholder goals. This feature allows you to identify upcoming challenges and manage key stakeholder expectations.

Recruiting a P6 Planner for your rail project

We select P6 planners according to individual client requirements to get the best match for each project. We take into account three factors when matching the suitability of P6 planners:

  • Amount of scheduling The level of scheduling required in a project usually relates to how large the scale of the project is. If your project spans across an entire region, for example, you will need a P6 planner who is proficient in multi-location planning.
  • The intricacies of a project We understand that the complexity of a project doesn’t directly convert to the scale of that project. For example, undertaking technical engineering work in a given location may require more careful planning than that of a large-scale redevelopment in some cases. If you have an intricate project on your hands, we will select a detail-orientated P6 planner who is an expert in analysis.
  • Level of control A greater level of control may be needed in a project with various stakeholders. If the particular project is public-facing, high-profile or has multiple goals to track we will consider this when we select a P6 planner by matching you with someone who specialises in accessibility and communication.

In today’s project management, Primavera P6 is a vital tool that gives project managers greater control over project progress, forecasting and analysis. If you’re interested in upgrading to present-day project management by hiring a P6 Planner, get in touch with one of our award-winning team members.

For more information on P6 Planning, please contact a member of our Planning Team on 01925 813897.