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Lift Planning

Lift planning is a secondary service that PPS Rail provides in conjunction with our standard planning service. We offer this additional solution for projects where heavy lifting is involved.

PPS Rail effectively integrates lift planning into our standard planning service.

Why should you use an integrated service? By integrating lift planning into the standard planning process, this gives you various benefits such as:

  • No added costs. PPS Rail creates a singular project ‘fee’ with no additional onboarding or research fees included.
  • Speedy project progress. PPS Rail acts as a dedicated possession planning contact throughout the entire project. We will take care of all the planning and implementation processes.
  • Helps you to remain compliant. If you use PPS Rail, you can utilise an experienced team of professionals with quality contacts and superior knowledge that will help you to remain compliant by only hiring respected, professional contractors.

How does this approach work? We do this by referring to our qualified team of consultants who are well versed in railway and construction activities. They will either:

  • Second a lift planner to work on the dedicated project for the entire duration. Or
  • They will select a qualified lift planner to work on an ad-hoc basis.

Note: We only contract out to experienced lift planners who hold relevant certifications and training such as the LOLER (1998) accreditation.

Do you require a lift planning service as part of your project?

You will need to consider a lift planning service if the project at hand includes construction and engineering with the necessary lifting of heavy objects and machinery.

Projects that require lift planning will fall into these generalised categories:

  • Major engineering works
  • Multi-level construction
  • Relocation or redevelopment projects

Our perfectly executed planning services ensure that your projects are completed quickly, safely and cost effectively.

For more information on Lift Planning, please contact a member of our Planning Team on 01925 813897.